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Apr 17, 2023 My Blog

Since being highlighted in the film “Unending Summer II”, Costa Rica has become one of the universes debut riding objections. Surfers from everywhere the world set off to partake in the sights and grows of Guanacaste, a territory in the northwest piece of Costa Rica.

From the city of Tamarindo, there are numerous surf detects that are only a short boat or vehicle ride away including the undeniably popular Roca Bruja, “Witch’s Stone”.

Witch’s Stone

Witch’s Stone, otherwise called Roca Bruja, is a surf spot situated in Playa Naranjo in the northwest piece of the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. The spot was made renowned by the unbelievable surfers Robert “Wingnut” Weaver and Patrick O’Connell in the 1994 film, The Unending Summer II.

Witch’s Stone is just accessible by boat, with bunch rentals and individual sanctions accessible from Tamarindo.

The best opportunity to ride Witch’s Stone is April through September when wind and ground expands are the most predictable. Warm water and air temperatures and excusing conditions make this spot an extraordinary objective for novices and high level surfers the same. The best grows at Witch’s Stone move in a southwesterly heading driven by twists from a northeasterly bearing. Expands from the southwest typical 5ft in level and last a normal of 13 seconds.

Ollies Point

Ollie’s Point is named after Oliver North’s utilization of the area to carry arms to the Contra rebels. All the more as of late, Ollie’s Point was highlighted in the film, “The Perpetual Summer II” close by Witch’s Stone and othersurfing objections in Costa Rica. Ollie’s Point is just accessible by boat from Playas del Coco or Playa Ocotal.

The best expands at Ollie’s Point move in a move ESCUELA DE PADDLE SURF EN BARCELONA in a southwesterly heading driven by twists from a northeasterly bearing. Expands from the southwest typical 5ft in level and last a normal of 12 seconds.


Playa Camaronal (also known as Playa Camarones) is a lacking stretch of ocean side and sand 3 km long ocean side reaches out from the mouth of the Oro Stream in the west, to the precipices of Direct Caramonal toward the southeast. Availability to Playa Camaronal is by boat by means of Samara or by 4 x 4.

Playa Camaronal flaunts incredible surf during the dry season, (December through April), and conflicting yet great riding the remainder of the year. Camaronal is encircled by rocks and, while the breaks are reliable, they are additionally very testing – breaks don’t finish off and some of the time come from both the left and the right.coming in 20 ft high. Solid flows and a quick undertow make Camaronal an incredible spot for experienced surfers yet not reasonable for novices.

Playa Negra

Viewed as one of the top riding spots in Costa Rica since showing up in Perpetual Summer II, Playa Negra has large empty waves with sweet right hand barrels. Rowing out is simple through obvious channels and the steady break goes both ways because of expands rolling in from the two sides of the equator.

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