The Foundation Of Modern Structural Design

The Foundation Of Modern Structural Design

For any type of building construction, structural drafting is the most important process that sets the ball rolling. The ideas that are dormant in our minds are given shape in the form of drawings by professional draftsmen and this process is known structural drafting. The draftsmen are professionally qualified to prepare drawings from hand sketches by using structural calculations to prepare detailed drawings of the construction and its presentation plan. The drafting is guided by codes and standards of the respective countries and follows the best practice that is in vogue.

AutoCAD for drawing

The technological advancements have been amply captured by the structural industry that has embraced various software to aid the process of design and drawing. The Auto CAD software is one of the most popular aids used by engineers and draftsmen for creating engineering drawings. Being a specialized subject CAD drafting services are being provided by many consulting companies for quick delivery of high quality architectural drafting services to builders, contractors, engineers and designers at a reasonable price.

Converting ideas

The ideas of the developer is conceptualized and then converted into design by the drafting services engineers. The design is then converted into a drawing that contains all technical details and dimensions by the draftsmen. This drawing forms the basis of the construction work that follows. Drawings that used to be prepared manually are now done with the help of AutoCAD software to give it a digital design form. Easy customization and frequent revisions can be easily done by this process that is also very accurate and much faster.

Commercial draftsmen offering CAD drafting services prepare drawings that contain all information about dimensions, shapes, process and procedures to be followed including materials to be used. The drawings also become storehouse of information that act as visual guidance for the constructors.

Outsourcing services

Various structural companies offer CAD drafting services for various types of institutional, commercial and residential structures as also mega structures like bridges, skyscrapers, tunnels and many more. Converting the sketches of b